Council of Students Affairs

Council of Students Affairs

The Student Affairs Council consists of the Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs as a chairman and the membership of:

• College deans / program managers.

• Deans of institutes.

• Information Technology director

• Student Affairs director

• Examinations director

• A representative of the National Union of Syrian Students from the university students.

• Secretary of the Council: appointed by The President of the University.

 Functions of Student Affairs Council                                                 

The Council is generally concerned with matters related to students’ affairs and what is referred to them by the University Council. It submits its proposals and recommendations to the Council of the University to carry out the following tasks:                                                                               

  • Supervising the application of the conditions of students’ acceptance into the university and proposing what the council deems appropriate in this regard to the University Council.
  • Supervising the application of the rules of various payments of university fees and exemption from them and the conditions of granting bonuses and subsidies of various kinds.
  • Proposing the rules of admission of students of public, private and foreign universities to the University and the rules of transferring among colleges, institutes and programs at the university and deciding on the problems faced by students’ transfer in general.
  • Organizing social, health, cultural and sports affairs for students.
  • Organizing the mechanism of selling and distributing books and university publications to students.
  • General University Calendar Proposal.
  • General supervision of the exams, including determining the examiners, examination committees and observers; and the duration of work that they have engaged in, and the amount of their remuneration, duties and responsibilities.
  • Studying students’ complaints and submitting proposals to the University Council for decision making.
  • Proposing investment rules for clubs, restaurants, theaters, sports facilities and other student facilities and submitting them to the University Council.
  • Deciding on all matters pertaining to students that are transferred to the Council.
  • Proposing executive regulations, the internal list of regulations, Financial Regulations and Rules of Procedure.
  • Managing the university funds and investing them.
  • Any matter that the President of the University or the Board of Trustees suggest presenting to the Council of the University and which is generally related to the University’s administrative, executive and financial matters.